Where The Wild Things Are... Released

Flaw: Locked and Tame

Law: Wild and Free

I’ve always been wild, no two ways about it. If they said go right, I went left. If they said do it this way, then I did it the other way. And if they flat out said I couldn’t, well I did and big enough so they’d know I could. My “rebellion” disturbed the comfortable and poked the complacent. It left many offended and even more condemning.

But it made the right ones poke their heads around the corner: with a smile and a look, we were home and we knew it. Rules without reasons and boxes without truth wouldn’t hold us anymore.

There’s not a woman alive who needs more people in her life telling her to get back in that box and stay put. What she does need if she’s stuck in one, however, is for someone with a key to walk by, put it in the lock, turn it, and tell her to walk the heck out and don’t you ever look back, not even when you need to sit for a sec.

There are a lot of places to rest, sister, but never back inside those walls that kept everyone else happy and you perfectly managed.

You want to get the best out of me? Tell me it’s okay to let my wild out, because I’m always three and a half seconds away from everything. My friends know that one of those things might be something they need, whether it’s a crazy idea, a spontaneous excursion, or a word of encouragement they can’t get from too many other places.

I’ve lived too much life to want to crawl to Friday anymore, and if I’m honest, sometimes I may not want to be back home by Monday. My friends recognize the words, “I need to get out of here,” and they ask what time and where? It could be around the corner, in a chair on the front porch, or a trip into the struggles and failures I don’t know what to do with today.

The point is, it’s my wild, and sometimes I need help sorting it, and other times I need help releasing it. Now that I think about it, that may be one of the greatest gifts of friendship… not being told that we’re wrong but that we’re released. Who knows then how many seconds away we’ll be from everything.

And those are the friendships that change it all.

To all the Wild Ones out there, you're my people!

Let's go get Wild and do something amazing,



A Note to You Reader,

At this moment, you are either ready to run or ready to hide. Your Wild Side is knocking at the door of your heart and is ready to come out to play. It's time for a Rebellion, Friend. It's time to run towards identity and destiny. Are You Ready For It?

To release your Inner Wild means to take a good, long look at the parts of you that scare, yet exhilarate, you and others. These are the parts of you that will leave a mark on a world full of dying, boxed-in people trying to fit a mold.

Tapping into your Wild is The Key to breaking out of that box. Your closest friends are the ones brave enough to turn that key, and when your Wild is released, your mold is broken, and you are free to be.... You!

Now if that sounds like some fun to you, shout this out Right Now:

"I am Wild. I am Free. I am Ready to Be Released!!!"

Welcome to the Flaws of Friendship my Friend, Where the Wild Things are Released to Change the World.

Wild, Free & Fearlessly Me,

-Tabatha ❤️

P.S. When I'm brave enough to let my wild out, I tap into the power and strength that I have to Speak Life, Bring Change, and Empower others in Love. Check out my photo below to see what Fearless looks like on me, and let us know what it looks like on you in the comments below!

This week on the podcast,

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