The Key to Giving and Receiving Supernaturally: A Pre- New Year Impartation of God's Grace

Listen, I know Christmas is over, but I just love a Christmas tree.

Whether fresh or beautifully fake and flocked, with ornaments that often have their own story to tell and lights that brighten up the coldest of winter nights, I absolutely love them all.

There is something else about the Christmas tree that I just can’t get enough of — and that is what goes underneath it… Presents!

Why yes, you could call me a great receiver of Christmas gifts, but one thing I enjoy more than getting a great gift is GIVING a great gift.

I went from being a good gift giver to an extravagant one this holiday season, and it was friendship that made the change possible.

This year during a trip to Kansas City, Stacey and I were hosted by one of the most generous women I have ever met (my Bestie from the Westie and Arizona Trip Roomie, Cathy Tully!).

I watched her go above and beyond in her generosity toward us, her family, and complete strangers in ways that put my own gift giving abilities to shame. She is an open spigot of generosity because her faithfulness to give has allowed God to pour into her abundantly.

There were a few powerful things I noticed about her character and willingness to give so abundantly. I recognized that:

1.) She gives from a place of overflow. - She gives because she is familiar and comfortable with GOD meeting her needs, according to HIS riches. She understands that because He first loved her, she can pour out that love lavishly upon others, and she DOES!

2.) She gives with a mindset of “no one has to know.” - She doesn’t care if her giving is recognized. (She actually prefers it not to be.)

3.) She gives from a place of obedience. - She has made a covenant with the Lord saying that as He gives her more, she will give even more. She understands that giving should build the Kingdom and not personal empires, and she gives to give God—the greatest giver of all—the Glory due Him and Him alone.

She has taught me that extravagant giving is much like a beautifully wrapped gift under the tree.

The ability to give is a treasure that we hand off to another to show that we care.

And to be honest, I used to GIVE to RECEIVE praise of my own. I had this desire for the smiles and hugs I’d get from a gift well-given to fill my own tank of a heart low on love.

But this year my giving has been purified. I’ve allowed God to fill my receiving tank, and now others are getting the overflow!!

It took my friend’s extravagant giving towards me to help me truly give in a more sacrificial way this holiday season. I’m giving to give this year, and it feels wonderful! I believe her gift of giving was imparted to me on that trip and I am forever grateful.


Releasing the Gift of Giving

Divine overflow enables us to not only receive naturally, but to receive supernaturally, and out of receiving supernaturally we give supernaturally as well. This impartation unlocks a gift of Grace in your life and allows you to give sacrificially, lavishly, and with radical obedience. All you have to do is open your hands and accept this gift, this grace, this Holy Spirit infused impartation.

im·​part | \ im-ˈpärt \

imparted; imparting; imparts

Definition of impart verb

1.) make (information) known; communicate.

2.) bestow (a quality).

Mathew 10:8 says, "Freely you have received, freely give."

The more we give, the more we will receive, and the more we receive, the more He will pour over us, into us, and out of us — a heavenly overflow upon the people and places He puts in our path.

With the New Year just around the corner, The Flaws would like to bestow upon you a blessing of radical receiving and giving, as a preparation for what lies ahead. And our prayer for you is that your giving will share God's glory with others; that it will be greater, quieter, hidden, and above all, holy.



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