The Coffee Shop Encounter: What's Your Name, By the Way?

FLAW- Who Are You?

LAW- My Name Will Tell You

“What is in a name?” Shakespeare asked. I’d say everything, dear William, everything. CUP OF JOE We just drove through our local Starbucks in order for my husband to grab his usual "cup of Joe." (Who’s this guy, Joe, anyway... I mean, for real, who is he?!) As the Barista placed that Venti White Chocolate Mocha into my husband's hands, he spoke these words: “What’s your name, by the way?” My husband took a hold of his liquid gold and said, “Mike.” “Well Mike, have a nice day and drive safely, sir,” came the Barista’s response. As we pulled away, my eyes watered at those words: “What’s your name, by the way?”

RESURRECTION POWER At The Flaws, we find that names have a much greater significance than most understand or give them credit for. But when you take the time to step back and think about it, the importance of them becomes more clear. For example, when you think about the word "bank," right away your brain connects that word to money. When you think of the word flower, you can often picture beautiful and fragrant blooms. We connect words with meanings all the time, so why don’t we do this with our very own names? When I think of Stacey, I think of the meaning of her name: “Resurrection Power!” Yep, that’s right, Stacey is named right after the very same power that rose Jesus from the grave. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?!

I have watched her life flood with this power as God called dead places within her to life—dead places that had come from her own doing and that of others, as well. I have seen them fall to the ground like the grave clothes of Lazarus when his friends unwrapped him after Jesus called him from his Tomb. I’ve watched her step out of the hardest of spaces because Mercy himself rolled the stone away from everything that has, or could, keep her from walking out who and how He has made her.

I’ve seen Stacey filled with this power, imitating her Creator, as she has called His “resurrection” into the lives of others, mine included, and even into the life of our very own city. She knows that she has been lifted up and seated in heavenly places, and she is not afraid to pull the kingdom of Heaven to Earth, just like her gracious and glorious Savior. WHAT IS YOUR NAME, BY THE WAY? It’s so wonderful to think about how, even before God knit Stacey in the womb, He had a name for her; one that would match her testimony and her calling, her fiery hair, and her even more fiery spirit. Together Stacey and I have sat and sung the the meaning of women’s names over them, into them, and out of them. We have prayed, prophesied, and testified into their hearts of who God is and who He says they are, and what He has called them to do.

Today we are turning to you, dear reader, to ask: “What is your name, by the way?” -Do you know what your name means? -Have you ever thought about the significance of the meaning of your name— to you and to the world? -What would it look like for you to live out your name more fully? *If you happen to look up your name and it sounds boring or funny, roll with it!!! Find a powerful Scripture that coincides with it, and wear your name with pride, Friend.

“As his name, so is he.” (1 Samuel 25:25) We must understand that what God means for good, the devil will manipulate and annihilate to keep you from living out of anointing and power. He will use your name against you and try to attach shame, rebellion, misuse, or no use at all. Our names are a prophetic declaration of who we are, and they have the ability to: - Act as a compass to help us map out the plans and purposes for our lives; - Allow us to thwart the attacks of the enemy upon our lives by living out our names, as God intended, in purity and power; - Uncover our unique Kingdom potential by acknowledging and activating the power and provision that God has poured into our names, which, in turn, releases how we are known, addressed, and referenced in this world.


When I think back to that moment in the Starbucks drive-through, I replay it slightly differently in my mind. It goes something like this:

Barista: “What is your name, by the way?” My husband: “Who is Like God?” (Michael) And my response to that is NO ONE! No one is like our God, Dear Barista, no one. ❤️ Tabatha John 10:3 “...he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”


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-The Flaws of Friendship

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