Spirit Empowered Friendship: Following Your Arrow to Bravery, Strength, and Freedom

Flaw - Leave a Mark

Law - Blaze a Trail

Last night Tabatha and her son Gabriel came over for two reasons: 1. to pick up an exciting mail delivery for Flaws (you'll see it soooon!) and 2. to eat TACOS, which probably was the most important, let's be honest.

This morning I came downstairs to find that Gabriel had rearranged (or shall we say, reimagined?) my snow village from a neatly designed neighborhood to more of a town built inside of a very drunk round-a-bout. My first inclination was to tidy it up—because I'm me—but I stopped. Leaving it the way he left it meant there was evidence he had been here, of his little hands all over my table, with a few traces of Oreo and apple juice left this morning for the dogs to lap up.

That phrase, "evidence that he had been here," keeps playing loudly in my heart. We are making an important transition here at Flaws as we go into the new year, one that feels more "us," in hopes that many years down the road there will be the evidence that we have been here, on this earth, in this space, pioneering a place for Friendship that is as beautiful and fierce as the biblical legacy of David and Jonathan.

If two friends' pursuit of connection, covenant, and call was worth documenting in the Bible, then we think it's worth retelling — in our own lives and our own way, with more friends who decide to come along.

On that note, we have a confession to make: We are not your Girl Next Door, but God knows we tried really hard for three months, and maybe most of our lives if we're honest.

The Girl Next Door is a branding archetype that is considered to be the BFF, the Everyman, the good, practical neighbor who just wants to belong. That's honestly who we thought we were and how we tried to connect with you, but last week's Blog and Podcast entitled, "Where the Wild Things Are. . . Released" seems to have worked its magic. As it turns out, we are not representative of the Everyman, certainly not always practical, and if our desire is to belong, we would never say that we belong with everyone. In fact, that would be the death of us.

We are wild, and we are made for the Wild Ones.

Who are these Wild Ones? They are the ones who choose breaking free over brokenness, no matter what life and lies have yelled at them. They know fear but choose fearlessness and cling to courage over comfort because grit runs stubbornly and deep. And even though they may not yet know what they are called to, they know they are called, and that's enough to begin.

What does this mean for Flaws? It means we are taking a hard turn into who we are: two friends who are passionately unapologetic in our pursuit of identity, fearlessness, and callings through the avenue of covenantal Sisterhood. We choose to walk out our lives with each other because we believe that's the only way we will arrive at the destination for which God made us, together, strong and sure.

A couple of years ago I bought a sign for Tabatha that I still haven't given to her because the timing was never right. The inscription on it reads, "Follow your arrow." As it has sat front and center on a shelf in my closet, I've looked at those words everyday, wondering why I bought it for her and when I would feel at liberty to take it off the shelf and place it into her hands.

Now I know why I waited, and now I know it's time for it to come off the shelf. We are following our arrow. Finally.

We have but one life. This isn't a practice round, and we are playing for eternity. If you want practical and cozy, Flaws may not be the place for you, but if you want to be empowered into a bold, radical life of faith with a sisterhood who believes in you, but not only that, will go with you, you might find this place to be home.

For all of our #flaws:

We won't let you sit;

We will require you to dream;

We will require you to do;

We will require you to break free...

as Tabatha puts it, into "a righteous rebelliousness that connects with an inner fearlessness that is unleashed with the help of our friends."

We are calling for:

Rebellion Against Fear

Agreement with Truth

Courage in Motion

Bravery to Break Free

As Christmas and New Years are practically here, would you do us and yourself a favor by taking a few holy moments of quiet to consider your arrow? Is it pointing this way? We know ours is, and we would love to have you come with us on this remarkable journey of Spirit Empowered Friendship. Join The Sisterhood on Facebook Here.

So much is planned, and so much is at stake, in 2021. Together is the only way we're going to make it. If you'd like to journey with us, please make sure to subscribe to our Blog and Podcast as the first step of connection between us. Then hold on, because even if it's bumpy, we're going to make it—Together: strong, brave, and free.

May Your Arrow Lead to Freedom, Stacey and Tabatha

This Week on the Podcast:

We will be speaking with Jennifer Elwood, the Author of Counting Up to Christmas: Twenty-Four Gifts from the Gospel of Luke, about how she followed her own arrow to release this book and also chat with her about the Gift of Friendship. Purchase Your Copy Here.

Prayer of the Week:

We pray that you take the time to pause this week. Ask the Lord to show you where 2020 has you and where 2021 will take you. Ask Him to begin to point you away from the wrong things and straight to the God things. Declare that your arrow will be released, and that you were made to be: STRONG, BRAVE, and FREE. Amen.

See You Next Year!

The Flaws of Friendship

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