Should I Stay or Should I Go: Learning to Yield to the Move of God

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Flaw: My Way

Law: HIS Say

In some way or another, most Christians know what it’s like to hear God call them away from someone or something that isn’t good for them. But what do you do when God interrupts you one day to say, “If you thought it was hard to walk away from something that was bad for you, wait until I ask you to walk away from something that’s good?”

I don’t know about you, but I tell God that sounds crazy! Then I smile and thank Him that He would never do that to me.

Then He does.

We talk a lot at Flaws about sticking it out with our Friends when we know God has called us to each other. I think it’s a message God is amplifying now because of our general fickleness as humans to run when things get hard, and His desire to bring healing to hearts that are made for connection but hurt from separation. He is definitely teaching us here at Flaws that there are some things we’ll only learn, accomplish, or become through good old-fashioned perseverance together! And we’re here for it!

However, with all the talk of staying, there are also those instances, when things feel so right and good, that still God will interrupt to say, “If you’ll walk away and trust me, there’s something better for you over here.”

A rather hard lesson I’ve learned over the years is that wisdom isn’t waiting until something goes bad before I leave, but sometimes it’s moving on while everything is still good so that I leave healthy and intact, and so does the person or situation I'm moving away from.

My charge to us today is that as we recognize how amazing and needed Spirit Fueled Sisterhood is, we would know that it’s only amazing when we do it with the right Sisters! We must be confident in knowing the ones to whom we’re called and yielded enough to obey what the Lord says when He tells us. When our focus is divided and our feet are standing in a million different doorways, eventually someone will get hurt (and one of those someones will probably be us!), we will end up in situations that cause more pain than was necessary, and we will delay God’s blessings in a misguided reach for old provisions.

Staying when God is calling you to go is only kicking the can down the road to more pain than was supposed to be yours. I bet we’ve all learned that a time or two.

In hindsight I’m so thankful for this lesson and what I’ve been spared when I apply it. The situation I mentioned above was the loss of a friendship several years ago that was important to me. The Lord called it good and then asked me to leave. At the time, I couldn’t believe it! This relationship was fun, freeing, and gave me so much joy that I was blind to issues that were soon going to lead her down a dark road that wasn’t mine to travel. She had served a wonderful purpose in my life, but it was time to let go because of what I couldn’t see.

All month long we’ve been talking about the joy and fun that Friendship brings to our lives, so when Tabatha texted this phrase to me yesterday, it seemed appropriate and right-on:

“When you tap into the joy of connection it brings change.”

As I woke up this morning, her text hit me in a different way: how we can still derive joy from connections that aren’t for us anymore, that yield a different kind of change than the ones we’re after. I felt the need strongly this week, at this point in our Sisterhood journey, to quantify our message of staying with the balance of going. Ultimately and every time, God gets the say on both.

If we want His blessing in both life and Friendship, we must be willing to trust and obey, no matter what anyone else says or who agrees.

Your life is His and His alone, and He will always lead you into what He knows is best for you and the other person! Trust Him!

This week on the podcast,

we’ll talk more about the times God has called us away from the good to His best, how to discern when God is calling you to step away, and how to handle those situations in health and courage. We hope you’ll join us!

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Understanding the difference between STAYING WHEN IT'S HARD and LEAVING WHEN IT'S GOOD will require us to YIELD to the Voice and Will of God. Dive Deeper in the Video Below to learn more.

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