Mary and Elizabeth and the Birthing Of Our Promises As Friends

Updated: Jan 20

This made me laugh! A couple of podcast episodes ago (#64 to be exact), Tabatha said, "When you get to the Uh-Oh!, you have heard the Lord!"

I mean, seriously. It's all fun and games when the Lord speaks to you... until He says something that makes you squirm, cry, balk, run, hide, and question your existence. Then it ain't so fun anymore. Am I right or am I right? I'm right.

The One

God showed me something this week about the Uh-Oh! word of the Lord, and I believe He wanted me to share it as a word to all of us for this coming year of Friendship and how to prepare for it.

When Mary found out she was expecting Jesus (and listen, I don't care how big your Uh-Oh! feels, it will never be as big as that one), she high-tailed it to one person—to probably the ONLY person in the entire world at that time to whom she could have gone—her cousin Elizabeth. Scripture actually says that when she found out about her pregnancy, she "got ready and hurried" to Elizabeth! Mary didn’t tell a million people she was carrying the Son of God, or that an angel came to tell her about it, or that the Holy Spirit had come upon her to make it happen. She went to the ONE person who would believe her, probably because Elizabeth was six months along in her own Uh-Oh! And when those two reunited, Elizabeth’s baby, who would grow up to be known as John the Baptist, leapt inside of her in response to who was inside of Mary.

Here's what I believe the Lord is saying to us: Ladies, when you get your Uh-Oh!, "get ready and hurry" to the one person whose insides will leap in response to what you carry. You don't have to be afraid to tell her. She will understand because she will be carrying a miracle promise of her own, and she'll need someone to tell, too.

Too By Two

Elizabeth understood the magnitude and miracle of Mary's pregnancy because she also was pregnant with a promise that biologically would have been impossible. She was too old. And Mary was too young and definitely too unmarried. The odds were against these two, except that God used their "too's" and gave them to each other as "two." And then He sent their offspring into the world as two, too. As God paints the picture of the coming year and calls you to your Uh-Oh!, there should be one other person you can tell who will believe it with you. You may have your own, very valid "I'm too this or too that," but she'll see right past those, thank God. Don’t squander your Uh-Oh! by telling those who won't understand and, in some cases, will even curse it. Hide it in your heart and keep it safe with the one who will believe and will hide it in her heart, too. When God speaks your Uh-Oh!, get ready and hurry to her. God's speciality is in the "too" and "two" in 2022.

When you're tempted to doubt or feel scared, remember this verse: "But the angel said to her, 'Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God'" (Luke 1:30). And remember it for your friend, too.

It's time to get used to being highly favored, friends! And when you are, let your response be just as Mary's: “'I am the Lord’s servant,'” Mary answered. “'May your word to me be fulfilled.'”

Then get ready and hurry to your friend, because she'll carry your promise just as she carries her own!

May 2022 be the year your "too's" become obsolete and the "two" becomes your place of refreshment and belief.

Happy New Year!



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Tabatha and Stacey are two best friends who blew-up until God (thankfully!) put them back together. Now they host the Hey, Var! Podcast and lead Havar International, a worldwide ministry that commissions women to build biblical friendships so they can carry the weight of their lives together.

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