It's TIME to Write that Book, Friend

It’s TIME to write that book, Friend.

There is a Grace that God is giving to women who are willing to hold their arms open wide enough to receive, without doubt, the good works that God wants to fill them with.

I have had the personal privilege of being surrounded by friends and acquaintances who are writers.

As recently as the past six months, I’ve watched as the Words within their hearts have poured onto the pages of books now available for purchase. It’s so amazing to watch and see.

From books to courses and bible studies to blogs and more, these works are flooding out of women all over the world. Why? Because it is TIME to write that book, friend!


I know some women who have "works" in the works, and some who have them tucked away and hidden deep down within, waiting like an oil field to be tapped into.

And now the wait is over...

Not only is it TIME to write, it’s TIME to write NOW! We are in the Information Age. With one tap of a finger, everything we want to know and learn can be at our disposal. People want to know, people want to learn, and people want to hear... Your Story.

More than ever God is placing the call of Writer on many. This call is a GIFT for those willing to put pen to paper, finger to key, and release what God has put inside of them. The favor for writing is being poured out upon God’s sons and daughters like never before, especially in the area of personal testimony.

I am personally watching the patterns of God as He is releasing writers in this season. These books that have come and are yet to come will bring truth, healing, and deliverance to the writer and her reader. "They will experience the tangible Presence," says the Lord. "I will meet with them and they will see me, they will know me, and they will be freed. Tell them our story."


The other day I was thinking about all the writers out there, and then I thought about one specifically: the one who knows she has a story burning within her, accompanied by a fire that has burned away every fear and doubt. She just doesn’t know where to start.

I began to think about the work that God has been doing in Stacey and me through the years. I have sat and designed with Stacey until what she saw in her mind became real-life logos, videos, marketing materials, etc. It was personal. It was what she saw, coming to life through my hands. And in this season, God has seated Stacey with me as we write these Blogs for you, and when it’s my turn, she edits and proofs while allowing me to keep true to my voice, turning this non-writer (I believed) into a writer with her.

Then it hit me! If there was a woman out there who didn’t know where to start with her story, she could start with us. She could start with the Flaws of Friendship, because one of our greatest desires is to do great works for the Kingdom through the power of Friendship, and we have been preparing for this... preparing for you and your great works.

So, dear reader, if this is you, the secret, burning one with a book inside of you, let us help. We want to see you soar by coming beside you as your "wing men" and coaching you the whole way through. We can help you frame your story and aide you through the creative process. It’s time to write that book, Friend, and we are here to help!

Check out The Flaws of Friendship's New Coaching Package 45:1 (based on Psalm 45) below.

May it inspire your book to burn brighter within you until the world can't help but see its light! Let’s get that book off the shelf of your mind and into the hands of those whose lives it will change. - The Friendship Coaches

My heart is on fire, boiling over with passion.

Bubbling up within me are these beautiful lyrics

as a lovely poem to be sung for the King.

Like a river bursting its banks, I’m overflowing with words,

spilling out into this sacred story. Psalm 45



At the Flaws, we like to say that we won't ask you to do anything we aren't willing to do! To prove it, we'd like to share a "work" in the works with you.

Over the years I have watched Stacey craft a beautiful gift for writing. Her words flow as rich and deep as an ocean and touch places in your heart you didn't know existed; pulling, confronting, and changing who you are as you find pieces of yourself within her story.

Please enjoy this sneak peek from a "work" of Stacey's that God is calling off the shelf, SPRING 2021, to be put into the hands of those whom it will change.


Through the night I sing His songs, For my prayer to God has become my life. (Psalms 42:8b)

After four and a half years on my face, and another two and a half barely upright, I have emerged triumphant with the melodies of a Man singing in my heart and the sounds of eternity awakening me in the night.

I celebrate now, not so much because of my freedom from all that held me—though that is certainly worthy of celebration—but because of the glory I saw when I wasn’t sure freedom would ever be mine. I fell down broken, confused, and lost. I got up armed with purpose, hope, and a love that has taken me over.

I believe that the power of just one story can raise an army of storytellers who declare freedom to the captives and proclaim life to the world. The Spirit is rallying the storytellers—individuals especially equipped with word gifts the world has never seen, set on fire by a light that adorns the face of our King. I will do my part as one such storyteller: knees frayed by the fire of prayer, fingertips steeled from the beat of my story. Equipped to write anything of value I am most certainly not, except for the eligibility of His seal of love upon my heart.

Love is always the qualifying factor.

Suddenly incapable of leaving the world as I found it, my passion and vision have been forged in the secret kiln of the Spirit until I can no longer hide the flames. I write when I cannot find the song. I sing when the written words escape me, for somehow this story must find its way out of a heart too small to contain it.

It is my narrative. It is His song.

So I say to The Lord, "Have Your way with me, O God. Light a fire on this life that lights the whole world to sing of You, for Your word is alive in me."

Excerpt from CHOSEN - The fire of intimacy with the Lord of the harvest


Join us This Friendship Friday on THE FLAWS OF FRIENDSHIP PODCAST as we chat about the Call to Writers in this season, the Writing Process, and How we want to help you with your Hidden "Works" that are just waiting to be taken off that shelf, with the help of your FRIENDS.

FLAW- Keeping Good Works Hidden

LAW- Releasing Good Works When It's TIME

-The Flaws of Friendship

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