Girl, It's Time to Blaze a Trail: The Law of Pioneering

FLAW- Passive

LAW- Pioneering

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ came to earth to blaze a trail for mankind, and since then we’ve had a gigantic blinking light over our lives that says, “Yes and Amen!”

The question is: How many of us take that sign at its word, and how many of us are still standing underneath that sign, just thinking how great it is that it’s blinking?!

We don’t want to passively stand under our signs anymore, and we don’t want you to either. In fact, we are called to be and to raise up trailblazers who follow in the very footsteps of the One who went where no one else would dare to go, whose sign over Himself and Us has always been, “Yes and Amen!”

To Blaze a Trail

Find a new path or method; begin a new undertaking or make and mark a trail.

The movie Alpha tells the story of a clan of warriors who journey away from their tribe to hunt buffalo for their families in order to survive the winter. As tradition would have it, these tribal hunters followed the same route as the warriors who had gone before them; paths marked by colossal stone markers that guided them to their destination.

Just like those warriors of old, we believe God is raising up a fresh tribe of women who have largely gone unseen and unnoticed—until now. These mighty warriors have been called and set apart to blaze new trails and set new markers, as we all make our way to lands of promise and provision. It takes brave forerunners to set these markers for those who are following behind, and lucky for us, God has always provided them:

Esther blazed a trail to the king’s scepter, without permission, to fight for liberation. Her people were gloriously set free.

Ruth blazed a trail to the feet of Boaz, demonstrating to us where covering and redemption is found; this the perfect foreshadowing of Jesus and His Bride.

Deborah blazed a trail for Barak to declare it was time to fight. Her people exulted in victory. Interestingly, Deborah was known as “woman of Lappidot.” Lappidot, her husband’s name, meant “torch” or “lightening,” which translated to “fiery woman.” Imagine being called that everywhere you went! No wonder she was a trailblazer!

What Does Your Blinking Light Say?


If you’re anything like us, we bet you’ve imagined, at least once, a blinking sign hanging over your head that says things like:


I Can’t

Not Yet


I Can’t Afford To

I Need More Education

Waiting for Permission. . .

Friend, those are NOT the words on your sign.

Even if God told you to wait for something once, the Wait isn’t a sign permanently hung over your life. Don’t make the mistake of translating what God said ten years ago into a forever word. Seasons change, and we must change with them.


What if we took a fresh, updated look at what our signs say today? Do you see anything like:






Mighty Princess

Woman of Valor

Created To Do Great Things. . .

What other words do you see?

Why It Matters

There are businesses and ministries, dreams and passions that God has placed inside of you for a specific purpose! You must begin to explore and push them forward because there is a broken, dying world out there that needs the freedom, liberation, and redemption these works carry. They are the lifelines and the sustenance that will provide for your families and those whom they touch through the dark, sparse seasons of winter.

These works are the works of trailblazers, and they cannot go undone.

Our Sign Never Says Alone

One of our core values and reasons that Flaws exists is this:

In addition, we also know that:

We are #setapart by the Lord for GOOD works that He has prepared ahead of time for us to accomplish.

We are #settogether with those whom God aligns us to carry the weight of our assignments.

And we are #settingout to fulfill our callings and finish strong. This is the sign that hangs over you and us!

Join Us for the next 5 weeks as we explore our 5C Framework, which will empower you to Blaze a Trail to Fulfill your Callings and Finish Strong.


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