Friendship Altar'd: The Call to Leave our Children with Living Legacy

FLAW- Generational Curses

LAW- Generational Blessings

I have two 15-year-old daughters.

I feel like that statement alone can stand on its own throughout eternity. I hear your nods, “ummm-hmmm’s” and “Oh, sister, this too shall pass,” so I shan’t go any farther in my explanation, except to go a little farther by saying that one of them is me in all of the challenging ways, but frankly better (or worse) at it. Staring into the mirror isn’t exactly what I call good sporting fun right now.

What I lack in battle energy, however, I make up for in sheer determination and hard-headed grit. I’ve been like her longer than she’s been like her, so I will cling to this one advantage all the way to the other side… (Oh Dear Lord, pleeeez let there be another side!).

As is true with any bona fide Texas woman, my loyalty to Dr. Pepper runs through and through. In a season where my daughter is pushing all my buttons like I'm a soda machine, I’m onto her. When she attempts to stick a quarter in me and light me up, I just keep walking and minding my business like she’s trying to get a Pepsi or Sprite out of me. The problem with this little wiley one, however, is that she knows my Dr. Pepper button, and it’s Friendship.

She loves to give it a good push when she's feeling particularly ornery, with phrases like, “Ewww, all that friendship stuff is gross.” “I don’t need friends.” “I like being alone!”

She doesn’t believe any of that, but she sure likes to watch the “Dr. Pepper” come flying out of me when she pushes!

This past weekend Tabatha and I heard a pastor say that the “altars” we build during our lives last far longer than our actual lives here on earth. Altars in the Bible were places where worship, sacrifices, and remembrances of what God had done were erected. However, not all altars were erected to Yahweh—the God we worship in Christianity—but were idolatrous monuments built to honor man-made gods whose only power was to unseat men’s affections from the one true God. This God they rejected was the only one who could actually do anything for them, but as is typical with the hardness of men’s hearts and stubborn flesh, they refused to see it.

And we are just as guilty today.

The inclination of humankind is to erect, remember, sacrifice, and worship something. Altars can be good or bad, righteous or unrighteous, godly or worldly. What we must understand is that what we erect lasts for generations, and it is up to us to determine what kind of altars we are building and leaving behind.

It is well within our Kingdom rights and responsibilities, as mothers of the generations, to tear down the bad altars and build the good ones, for what we leave behind will be handed down to our children to remember, to honor, and to carry.

So I ask you, what are the altars you are leaving behind?

When it comes down to it, Friendship will always be a legacy that I want to come spewing out of me when my buttons are pushed! I want my girls to remember that, no matter what, we need other women close in our lives who can make us better, stronger, more resilient, and less combative, while being the catalysts who help us achieve the callings on our lives if we let Friendship do its work.

Recognizing this passion inside of me and the authority that has been given to me through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, I cast down the altars of aloneness, isolation, rejection, and pride that says, “I can do it myself!” over my family line, and I erect altars of worship, trust, covenant, and connection, where the fire of God can fall on my sacrifice of Friendship and touch every one of my descendants.

My family will walk in the inheritance of Christ, who walked with His Friends.

This is my button. This is their inheritance. Though they may test it now, one day they will drink from it. And this will be my altar of praise.

What altars do you need to tear down over your family line?

What altars do you need to erect?

There is no better time than today to take authority as a daughter of Christ over your blood line: tear down the idols, erect the godly altars, and ask God to let His fire fall. What exalts itself against the name of the Lord will fail, but what we build in His Name shall prosper and stand for eternity. This declaration and stance might be as important as it gets for us while we're alive.

Let's build something lasting, friends.



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-The Flaws of Friendship

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