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Commissioning women to carry the weight of their lives together 


Tabatha Haines

Tabatha is a wife, mama, wildly creative entrepreneur, and all-out idea factory, all while chasing around her very imaginative 4 year-old son. Her favorite thing is helping the people of God become fully alive in their

identity, gifts, and callings.

Stacey March

Stacey is a fiery Texan obsessed with Friendship. In her defense though, she has 3 teenagers and needs an outlet. Her passion is helping people grow in intimacy with God and each other, and she spends as much time as she can writing and singing her way through life.   

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"How great and wondrous is the virtue of the love between friends, who adhere together and who speak from heart to heart, and each one loves his friend as his own soul. And this leads them to true repentance, to humility and joy, to the delights of performing the commandments, to soul searching and to overcoming temptation. And through it they attain both worlds, this world and the world to come, and the awakening of the heart with God’s love and awe, and the quality of truth and peace, for the divine presence only dwells where there is peace ."

Rabbi Wienberg 

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